Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Gel Nail Experience

When it comes to nails, hmmm. I just have to gasp. I am quite the simple girl. I'd love to apply nail polish once in a month and expect it to last that long cos I don't want to keep applying and applying and applying. I am an "I-don't-want-to-be-bothered-kinda-girl." Of course, everything good and solid takes time; so I'm learning that with nails as well. Most days, I don't have any nail polish on. My nails grow long and nice most of the time, except for one particular nail that requires cuticle-pushing a little more frequently than the rest. :D

Neways, lately, I've been thinking about nail polish more. Maybe it's cos I've been doing a lot of traveling: weddings, graduations, work here and there. I like artificial nails on most girls (when it's not too darn long and curvy... bless your soul). But I am not an artificial-nail kinda girl either. So I walked into a nail salon and I told them exactly that. "I don't want nail extensions but I'd like my nail polish to last forever." The guy said, "Well, you can get gel nails done." He didn't stay too long convincing me so I just trusted. The lady assigned to me was a darling.

About 30 minutes later or so--maybe 45 actually, I had gel nails and a nice dark purple color to go with it. What are gel nails? Gel nails do not require nail extensions. You can use the powder or the polish. I did the polish. So, they perform a regular manicure on your nails. Then the gel polish is applied, left to dry with UV rays. I believe about 2 or 3 coats were used on me with the clear polish applied last. It lasted over 2 weeks. By the 3rd week, the sides had begun to peel slightly but the tips of my nails were still just great!

The wahala (trouble) with the gel nails was in the removal. I had to soak my nails for over 15 minutes in acetone I think. Make that 10 mins for the first scrape attempt and another 10 or 15 for the second. My fingers looked like they were drying out badly in that chemical. I was getting scared. But after it was off, my nails looked so strong and healthy it was insane. I just applied clear polish for the rest of the week. The removal time was a bit discouraging but I think I will do this again.

Photo courtesy: City Hollywood Nails

Have you tried gel nails? Are you planning on doing it?
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