Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Look at Flattering Short Hair Cuts

Okay. I'll be bold and say I (plus the many female students in my high school) wore mandatory buzz cuts while growing up. Oh, torture! So malicious of the female teachers, we thought. You may say, "what's the big deal?" Imagine this: the buzz cut coupled with shirts and skirts that didn't fit, white socks and brown flat tie-sandals for most, plus absolutely no makeup. Say dreadful! I don't wear that cut anymore.

More generally, with freedom to choose hair styles, some ladies still opt for the very short dos. While the style looks good on some, it doesn't complement others. Depends on the shape of your face, the size and shape of your head :-), what you can/cannot do with makeup, color of your eyes, and I could go on. But it would be naive to think that just 'cos you can wear makeup, you can rock short hair. A mirror and some truthful friends should help you decide what if it looks good on you... After all, what's a new voluntary hair style for if it doesn't complement your face. Capisce (cah-peesh)?

Here are a few short looks j'adore...Just in case you want to know how to rock the look. ;)

Of course, Ms. Amber Rose and Solange Knowles are on the list.
Amber Rose; photo

Eva; photo credit: