Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rock your Chest!!

I realize I am playing safe by using the term "chest." You have to be careful these days especially after such articles and photos as the recent Time cover photo of the lady breast-feeding. The concept of how to rock your chest is huge in fashion. Stylists tell you what shape and size of clothes (tops and dresses) to wear depending on the size of your breasts...dresses that downplay or up-play your breasts etc.

Everyday, we hear stories of women doing loads of plastic surgery to change something about the way they look. I read about a beautiful Nigerian lady who totally bleached her skin and mentioned her husband loved her with her whiter skin. Breast implants are nothing new. Yet, do you realize that a good number of hot celebrities actually have small boobs and rock them well?

The recent Instyle cover photo is one of Charlize Theron. Notice she doesn't have a protruding chest. :-)
Charlize Theron, Photo credit:

J. Lo is well-known for her lovely fashion sense. She surely rocks her chest and hips!
Jennifer Lopez, Herve Leger
Jennifer Lopez, Photo credit:

I need not say much about Rihanna.
Rihanna, Photo credit:

Those of us with smaller boobs want bigger boobs and those with bigger boobs want smaller ones. What I am trying to say is take care of what you have. Rock your chest, as is dearie! (In the voice of Rumpelstiltskin of "Once Upon A Time.")

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