Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Totally a Vince Camuto girl

A friend of mine, Charlie of Alexander O Alexander, who is currently stocking up his boutique in Abuja with some beautiful shoes by the way, put up photos of Vince Camuto heels on his BBM profile just the other day. I had to let him know I shared his love for Camuto.

If you are even remotely into the fashion industry and you are female, you MUST have heard about Vince Camuto. He is a rapidly rising fashion designer, indulging in everything from blouses and skirts to jewelry and shoes. I saw his male and female fragrances in the latest edition of InStyle magazine just two days ago.

What I love about his clothes is that they are ultra-feminine and comfortable. When I am in a fashion store, shifting tops and skirts on hangers seeking wallet-tempting pieces, I don't have to look at a label to know Camuto outfits. They are so soft to touch: silks, satins, see-throughs and the like... my kind of stuff. Side note: I have a similar reaction to Alice + Olivia outfits. Most would choose sexy over comfy but I'll take sexy AND comfy any day.

In a Vince Camuto top and skirt,...oh and his earrings too

Thing is: until Vince wins any of the HUGE big-name sort-after fashion awards, his outfits will be somewhat affordable. I am being a wise shopper and loading up on them now before the prices start growing exponentially. I advise you to do the same.

Check out Camuto to shop or admire his pieces. ;) Tell me what you think about his designs, especially if you own any of his stuff.


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