Friday, 21 September 2012

So,... what's with You and my Heels at Work????

What I want to know is: is it just me? Do you ladies experience what I am about to talk about? And if so, why do you think it is that way?

Okay. So, I practically grew up on heels: middle school to present. I remember always wearing some form of heels. I feel more comfortable in heels than I do in flats. It is a fact!! I started work at a lovely place just a few weeks ago. My co-new hire and I wore heels on day one. I'm sure we felt fantastic: not because we wore heels but because we were excited to be working in a nice place.

But as the days went by, I noticed that some specific lady's eyes tend to go to my feet whenever I walk past. At first, it was the "just seeing you in heels hurt me," as per she felt they were likely uncomfortable. Thus, it being uncomfortable for me made it uncomfortable for her. I was like, "Aww, I'm fine."

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Few days later, I still noticed eyes on my feet... my shoes. I wore slight platformed flat shoes on this one day and she said "Look at that!!" I said "I found them in my closet :-)." The next day, I went back to my heels. And blah blah...

I just saw online that someone said wearing heels to work is "too sexy" for work. Please ladies and gents. Is this true? Do you agree? Which do you agree with? No heels or yes heels??!!

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