Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lace is back... yet again!

I'm a sucker for lace. Sensual, romantic, different, unique (except for the cheap lace outfits that come out in stores to copy the higher quality lace styles). Here are some fun lace pieces by a few designers. I have my lace outfits. Don't mind getting a few more though...
Blumarine skirt. Buy at
Malene Birger's flirty skirt at

Salvatore Ferragamo flats at

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Grammy Red Carpet Outfits I Could Rock

There are dresses you see at the Grammy's you know you wouldn't dare wear. A.k.a ::cough cough:: just about anything J. Lo wears. Then, there are those outfits you can not only envision yourself wearing but could actually purchase and wear. (If they come down to the right price tag... know what I mean?) Here are some from 2013 I like.
Allison Williams <Marie Claire>

I actually don't mind rocking RiRi's outfit. <Marie Claire>

Love the color and the outfit... though it might be a bit too "open" for me. ::shy:: <Marie Claire>

Bey did well! Different and conservative. <Marie Claire>

Inspiration for work this February

Marie Claire published photos of some hot ladies on the streets of London during the London Fashion Week. I'll share some here. The outfits kinda inspire me on what to wear tomorrow and/or next week. ;) Enjoy!
Hot or Hot???? <Marie Claire> Love the green!
Go 'head Ms. Floral. <Marie Claire>

Can you ever go wrong with red? <Marie Claire>

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Ever since the First Lady Michelle Obama came out with her bangs, I've seen a lot of reviews on what hairstyles are best for what shapes of faces. Personally, I thought the bangs made her look youthful but it appears a bunch of people didn't like it. Neways, I have a few celebrity bangs from Real Beauty that are nice. I also included suggestions, again from Real Beauty, on what hair styles suit different face shapes.

Kerry Washington's

Emma Stone's
OVAL: Anything will look good on your face

PEAR-SHAPED: The key to drawing attention away from stronger jawlines and narrower foreheads is to add volume around the temples.

ROUND: "Slimming rounder faces is as easy as adding height and reducing width. When styling your strands, remember to tease hair at the crown and opt for a longer, straighter style.

Partial to BCBG

I have always been partial to BCBG MaxAzria clothes. I own quite a few of them: shoes included. I spotted a BCBG dress I just have to have on a blog today: Linda Ikeji's. It would look lovely on me! And I daresay it would look lovely on you too. ;)

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