Thursday, 27 June 2013

Look Smoking Hot in New DVF pieces

I got an email inviting me to check out new pieces by DVF. I like a lot of them especially those provided here. Work-ready...

From Bloomingdales

From Bloomingdales

From Bloomingdales

From Bloomingdales

Prices are in general over $300.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Paris Hilton is Back?

A few weeks ago, we heard Lil Wayne signed Paris Hilton to his label. If you are like me, you thought "Huh!" She's definitely making some kind of comeback since the days of show "The Simple Life." I don't actually think I ever watched that show... Anyway, it was refreshing seeing photos of her in the July Issue of Elle Magazine looking mature, covered up and ready for business. I know the daughter of huge inheritance is always "ready for business." But you know what I mean. Dressed in a way that makes you want to take her very seriously. She is one blessed girl...

Here are photos of Paris I like. I only just noticed that she loves print dresses...

From usmagazine (People's Choice Awards 2013)

From acesshowbiz

From podiumlive

From slate

From latimes

From celebsalons sheknows

Shakira Shakira!

What I find about a number of foreign-raised female celebrities is that they tend to be very humble. They are exposed enough to know that everything is not about fame, media, making money or having paparazzi follow you all over the place. I detected a huge change in Ms. Angelina Jolie after she started doing work with the UN: traveling all over the world and seeing/meeting starving children etc. I see Shakira in the light of a blessed and humble woman. I see sweetness and humility in her, before sex appeal. I appreciate her for this.

Shakira covers the July issue of Elle magazine. My edition shows her in a big tousled hair style, but with a huge and lovely smile. Like a large number of people, I think she is absolutely gorgeous! Here are photos of Shakira I like. You can see yourself in her outfits here, right?

Be inspired! Rock one of them this week.

From hollywoodreporter

From acesshowbiz

From nbclatino

From nydailynews

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Yvonne Nelson, "Top Model?"

Yvonne Nelson is a Ghanian actress popular in her home country, in Nigeria and several other African countries, but it's high time she becomes known internationally (outside the continent). Her photos have been circulating for a while now on different African blogs. (She posts several of them on her Instagram page, which I am not a member of...) Anyway, I personally have not seen any of her movies and cannot speak to her acting abilities but if all other things fail, I think she would have great success modeling around the world. She has GREAT modeling potential.

See photos she is using for promotional events and her website here. The photographer, Bob Pixel, did an excellent job on the shoot!!

Yvonne Nelson - June 2013 - Bellanaija003
From bellanaija

Yvonne Nelson - June 2013 - Bellanaija004
Photo from bellanaija

Yvonne Nelson - June 2013 - Bellanaija002
Photo from bellanaija

Yvonne Nelson - June 2013 - Bellanaija006
Photo from bellanaija

Yvonne Nelson - June 2013 - Bellanaija007
Photo from bellanaija

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chika Ike is Dazzling in her Low-Cut

About a month or two ago (maybe longer), there seemed to be an "outbreak" of Nigerian actresses being paid millions of dollars to shave their heads. Oge Okoye did it, Chika Ike, and a few others. Frankly, I have no interest in the women shaving their heads for movie roles. After all, there are always wigs and weaves. What I am interested in, is how the women look with their heads shaved. And by look, I don't just mean the head, I mean the face, clothing etc. I find it must be difficult to have a shaved head. We can't all be Amber Rose.

But Chika Ike stuns in her new low-cut look. I won't be surprised if she decides to wear her hair this way for a LONG time. Enjoy her photos from Bellanaija (BN) here.

Chika Ike (12)
Chika Ike with Ovation Mag CEO

Chika Ike (9)
Another stunning photo

Chika Ike Ovation Shoot
Getting her makeup on ;)

Chika Ike (1)
She poses great...

Chika Ike (5)
AND the makeup finale!

To Ms. Kardashian's "Hacker": Nigerian Women are Beautiful and Stylish

A few months ago, after Kim Kardashian left Nigeria for a show hosted by Nigerian musician Dare Art, a tweet surfaced saying that she thought Nigerian women are ugly and dirty or something ridiculous like that. Luckily, she came out right after to say her account was hacked. My response??? "I hope so." Else, I have to think it's because lots of girls that night looked hotter than Ms. Kim. ;)

You doubt me? See these photos and leave your comments!
Kim with Nigerians at Dare's Concert, from naijatrends

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
Famous Nigerian TV personality Ebuka, from bellanaija

Kunbi Oyelese
Fashion designer Kunbi in her design, from bellanaija

Eku Edewor
TV personality Eku in Nigerian-made design (Bridget Awosika) from Bellanaija

Ugonna Omeruo
Ugonna Omeruo at concert, from bellanaija

Kim Kardashian
Kim K at event, from bellanaija

Tiwa Savage & Tunde Balogun (Tee Billz)
Popular singer Tiwa Savage with fiance at event, from Bellanaija

So guys, the next time someone says something unintelligent about the style or beauty of a Nigerian woman, tell them to check this post. ;)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Isn't Fan Bing Bing lovely?

I keep seeing photos of Fan Bing Bing popping out of magazines, fashion articles, etc. I often wondered how she gained her popularity and found today, that it was mostly in acting. Her photos are exquisite and I think she carries herself very well in pictures. A red lipstick color on pale skin is often flattering... it does flatter Fan.

Here are some of her photos I really like.
From swingfashionista

From faystyle

From bleedingcool

From faystyle

From zimbio

All for Duro Olowu Say "I!!!"

I just bought my first set of Duro Olowu wears from JCP and I'm excited. I hadn't been in a JCP store in AGES! Like since college or something, but I went with a teenage friend from church yesterday and do not regret it...

So, long pause here. I had started writing this blog on Sunday when I purchased the clothes. I didn't regret my purchases until end-of-day Monday when one of the tops ripped. Having said that, the clothes are lovely and if I was interested more in looks than quality, I would hold on to them. But since at this stage in my life, I need both, I can't. While I plan on returning the gorgeous clothes, I admit I'm keeping one top because it is just too gorgeous to let go. I must add that the top that ripped is of chiffon material... if it were cotton, it may have lasted longer. Possibly, if the collection was not for JCP (and if designed to be more expensive), I bet the quality would be much higher.

See some of Duro's clothing and decide on whether you will purchase one from JCP.  I think you should-- just be careful to purchase clothing with tough-enough fabric.

From rollingout
From sohautestyle

From fashionista
Duro Olowu himself, from JCP

From bellanaija

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hugo Boss Fashion Show in Shanghai, Amazing!

I am so blown away by Hugo Boss's collection in its Shanghai fashion show: Fall and Winter 2013. Episode 3 of the show begins with the beautiful Joan Smalls in a wonderful black suit. The Boss jackets in this collection have an interesting and unique cut, which will surely be copied very soon in the Chinese markets and by other designers, I daresay. Hues of yellow, black and gold are seen in the beginning through the middle of the episode and continues towards a shade of green.

The man-purses and handbags in the collection are striking. While admiring the models on the runway, my eyes caught the handsome Gerard Butler in the audience making a face whilst a model in a jumpsuit walked by. While the jumpsuit was HOT (I would totally wear it), I was scared its top would slide down the model's chest and cause her some discomfort. Luckily it didn't happen. :) The belts and fits in this collection are simply amazing.

Watch the fashion show on the website below.

See photos from the collection.
From thefashionspot

From Hugo Boss

From senatus

From timesofmalta

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Joan Smalls Makes Everything Look Like $1M!

There are models and there are models. I was just admiring Rihanna in Balmain in a recent issue of Harper's Bazaar from the Bazaar Facebook page. I came across the gorgeous Joan Smalls and of course wanted to see what her best wears have been. While browsing her photos, I saw her in the Balmain dress Rihanna rocked in the magazine. The dress is beyond gorgeous. If it wasn't so expensive, I would have purchased it by now.
J. Smalls from claraivy

Remember this photo from the DVF post a few days ago? That was J. Smalls.
J. Smalls from modelkarma

Joan has been busy. Here is a photo of her modeling for Vogue Australia... The life of a model. Cop the outfit? Yes?
J. Smalls from talkingwithtami

I had to include the photo below just to emphasize the intensity of her beauty, even without an expensive piece on. Her face alone does all the work.
J. Smalls from fashionsmag

This church-appropriate/ wedding-guest dress also had to go up. It is almost work-appropriate. ;)
J. Smalls from imgmodelsblog

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