Sunday, 22 September 2013

If You've Got Great Legs, Flaunt 'Em

See this photo of Joan Smalls on Page 96 of Harper's Bazaar's October issue. Two words: great legs. 

My mum usually says "if you've got great legs, show them." I'll pass that on to you. If you are showing lots of legs, don't show much skin anywhere else. You won't go wrong. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ah! Susan Peters Gat Style

Passing my evening, I stopped by the BellaNaija blog as I often do. I browsed through the gallery of pictures on Kate Henshaw's book signing event. Kate is a popular Nigerian actress, who also has a great body and pretty good style. She's one of those ladies who has mastered her body and what looks good on it. 

Anyway, as I scroll down, I was struck by the always stunning Susan Peters. Her hairstyle and/or cateye sunglasses reminded me of Ms. Marilyn Monroe somehow. This is not the first time she's made me pause. At Tuface's wedding in Dubai, she was also quite a stunner.  

If you are looking to get inspired by personal style, check hers out. All the photos below are courtesy of BellaNaija. 

At the Henshaw event

At Tuface's wedding

I think she won an award on this night

Like I said, stunner...

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Rise of Man Purses

A little while ago, if you had asked me about man purses, I might have said I wasn't sure about them. But as I was walking down the streets of Taipei, Osaka, Tokyo, Beijing, I observed a large number of men carrying their purses.

I paused for a second. In fashion today, I see designers create masculine (suitcase-like ) bags for women. We wear boyfriend shorts and tuxedos. So, what's so wrong with the men wearing "feminine-like" purses? Answer for me is: as long as the masculinity of the man is obvious, he can carry his purse just anyway he likes. 

I met a tall Japanese guy with a nicely chiseled face in his pink Polo shirt and man purse. A dark green high-quality bag with dark brown leather trimmings. He carried his purse by the hand. He couldn't have looked more masculine!

Even my darling Robert Downey Jnr rocks his man purse. 

From Violetmeetsfashion blog

From higher citizen 

I prefer Kanye's man bag. Though I must say it works more as carry-on luggage. That's more likely what he rocked it for. 

Usher in his brown one from Madamenoire blog

Friday, 6 September 2013

Setting a Tray Nicely

There are a number of things I'm learning at this stage in my life, including decorating a space and setting a table for guests, a spouse, family etc. Not that my mum didn't do this (she did) but we hardly had house guests growing up. Also, I didn't pay much attention to such things at the time. I can set a table alright but I want to know how to give it an extra umph.  

Something you observe in good hotels in general, especially in the Asian market, is that they pay attention to tiny details. A tray of food in a hotel room, for instance won't just come with your food. It comes with extra: flowers for decoration etc. 

That is something useful to learn and emulate. Note to self...

Sorry the picture was taken after eating rather than before. Lol!! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Breakfast in Style Swissotel Osaka

Style is incomplete if fragmented. That is, your outside clothes look good but your underwear/lingerie is old and rusty. Or you pay absolutely no attention to your abode. Even worse, the food you eat. If you are a style figure, pursue completeness. 

Today, I talk food. Breakfast at the Swissotel Osaka took me to the 36th floor with a view of the entire city. Not just any view but a delightful one. Granted, this morning, I sat beside a guy who was slurping soup and making a whole lotta nice. But the view was more than enough to distract me from his unintended  rudeness. 

A waffle, bread and eggs with tea, and I was fine for the morning. 

Eat in style. You'll love it. 

Shop the Runway by Bloomingdales

In case you haven't heard, Bloomingdales is doing a Shop the Runway event. It includes designs by DVF, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Minkoff. Don't miss it. 

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