Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sisters at the 2014 British Fashion Awards

I wasn't at the British Fashion Awards but I, like most of us, partook of the event through pictures online. I got my fill on BellaNaija's Events page, with Rihanna starting out the "album." I must say she looks healthy and happy in most of her recent pictures. Regardless, I did not enjoy her ensemble: the loose tux. Though rer jewelry, hair, makeup and heels warmed my heart... her smile too of course.

Rihanna/Cara D.

 Her second outfit, sans the sheerness, was hotness. This is probably the after-party or pre-party.

Liya Kebede, whom I love from afar (I don't know her personally), and Naomi Harris wore outfits too Boho for my taste. OK to another event, not an award ceremony. See outfits here.

Kendall Jenner looked classy in a black and white jumpsuit.

Olivia Palermo's outfit rocked. A good mix of satin or silk and some sort of lace? Can't go wrong with those slits either.

Anne Kendrick's outfit is simple but gorgeous. It's an outfit almost any girl can wear and rock. The color of the dress is also mild and soothing.

In my opinion, Ashley Madekwe wore the tux better and fanicer than Ri-Ri. But then, when you are Rihanna, you can do almost anything you want in public. I'll end this post here. Holla!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ebola-Free and Style-Intense

Most of the world was astonished when Nigeria was declared ebola-free within a few weeks of Case-0, the Liberian man who allegedly escaped quarantine in Liberia and entered Nigeria end of July. I had prayed intensely and fasted like a lot of people probably did. The country handled the situation impeccably. Their trace procedures were impressive and the method with which they broke the news to the few victims is laudable. I had never been more proud of the country. As many non-Americans have expressed, Nigeria handled ebola probably better than the US (Dallas specifically), where a patient provided data that pointed to ebola but was ignored and sent home. The patient unfortunately died while those he had seen for healthcare survived. But I digress  into politics and ignorance.

Life goes on as normal in Nigeria with the dreaded infectious disease behind us, prayerfully. As I reviewed pictures from the GTBank sponsored fashion event in the first week of November in Nigeria, I was  brought back to the memory of how Nigeria handled ebola...both the style on scene at the event and the eradication  (though very different), filled me with a similar kind of pride.

Nigeria was declared the largest economy in Africa some months ago. While a lot of its revenue is from oil and gas, lots of expenses for working class women are in the fashion industry. Nigerians like to look good and most of them know exactly how to do so. A few photos from the event are below. All courtesy of leading Nigerian lifestyle website BellaNaija.

Very lovely simple dress and nice shoes
Fun street style...reminds me of entertainer Patra 
Boys and their sleeveless shirts (and shorts though not here)
Very simple dress street style 
Those sandals!!! And the gorgeous dress/ skirt-set
Awesome look minus the hair
The new long look for men?
Simple dress
I love this white look though my mum is not taken with it
Another long look
A confident woman...need I say more?
A bold  guy
The uniqueness, boldness and creativity of this look excite me
Lace lace lace...gorg!!!
Another simple but nice street style

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

RIP to Fashion & Design Icon Oscar de la Renta

There is no student of fashion and style who does not know designer Oscar de la Renta. What most probably didn't know is that he was a native of the Dominican Republic. However for those who paid attention to his designs, you may have sensed the tropical (some would say African) touch in his clothing. The story of how he started: learning a year's worth of sewing and draping in a couple of weeks, is inspiring. He had raw talent and was very hardworking. That was pretty obvious. Fate surely shone on him as well. With his amazing history of dressing women in power, what more could he ask for? I have no idea what his personal and spiritual beliefs were, but I hope all was well-sorted in his spirit before he left this earth. May his soul rest in peace. We hope his successor Copping continues to give us awesome feminine cuts and outfits. Long live Oscar de la Renta designs. Some of his best are here. Images from Oscar's site, Getty Images (through NY Times), Wedding Inspirasi and other Google images.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Anne Hathaway Harper's Bazaar November 2014 Cover Girl

Hate her or love her, Anne Hathaway looks ravishing in her cover shoot with Harper's Bazaar. I can't wait for my November issue. She looks happy, free, ready to love or heavily loved (the kiss she blew us), etc. Looking through the pictures made ME feel happy. Can you ever go wrong with red or black? I think not!! Red is the color of passion. That says it all.

Photos are from Harper's Bazaar website. I want that red lipstick by the way.

Dakore the Heat!

One of my favorite women in the Nigerian film industry is Dakore Egbuson, now Akande. She carries herself with such grace and poise it's hard not to do a double take when she walks by. Her wedding was probably a couple of years ago and she had a baby recently, but still looks amazing. Don't her beauty and grace just ooze out of these photos? Photos courtesy of BellaNaija.

Bovi "Man on Fire" Red Carpet

When I hear "man of fire", I think of the late artist Michael Jackson... and Kevin Hart since watching one of his bigger stand-up DVDs: "Let Me Explain" (?), where he keeps setting fire on stage to imitate a Jay Z and Kanye concert. :-/ Having said that, it makes perfect sense then, that a recent but big-time comedian in Nigeria: Bovi, would choose that title and that strong element: fire. If I may say so (and I may), most of the outfits on the red carpet were dazzling. I will post those that caught my attention the most from Bella Naija but you can find the rest here. Feel free to imitate the instant stars on your night-out this weekend.

The following image was the first on the site, and rightfully so. This is excellent use of ankara for a top and bottom. Something tells me Michael Kors may copy this design. ;) Anyway, her mid-riff is not overly exposed. Plus she's supporting a Naija look/designer at a Naija event.
Adunni Ade
I like Yvonne's outfit below. I think it's a little too collected and serious for a comedy show but she still looks lovely. Check out dem leeeegs!!
Yvonne "Vixen" Ekwere
The look below is simple but goes well with the light air of a comedy show.

I find this dress interesting but would prefer it less revealing at the bosom especially.

While all three young ladies look good and appropriately dressed for Bovi's show, I love the dress/outfit of the girl in the middle. You know I'm a sucker for simple (white) dresses and the right accessories. Ummm. Check out the shoes.

Let me know how you like the outfits...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Zinkata, Lagos

I remember the days when only Western fashion made the big waves in Nigeria. African made outfits were only "permitted" at traditional events like trad weddings and the like. Celebrities and the wealthy wanted to show off their Versaces, Guccis, Balenciagas and Ferragamos. These days, Africans specifically Nigerians are incredibly proud of its own designers. We have Jewel by Lisa, Bridget Awosika, Amede, etc., most of which are making waves internationally... and by that, I mean outside the African continent as well. It fills me up with pride and hope for a continent that could be much farther in wealth and standard of living than it is...

Anyway, as I often do, I was browsing through the bellanaija site the other day when I came across a lace outfit I love: in lime, red, etc. I had to blog about it. Apparently, a Nigerian stylist named Ezinne Chinkata opened a boutique in Lagos, where she sells a whole range of outfits that include Nigerian-made. I have never been to the store but if her outfits fit as well as what she has on below, sign me up. I'll be there. Anyway, if you'll be in Lagos anytime soon or if you live there, you may want to check out the boutique: Zinkata at 13b Awori Road, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. Let me know how you find it... 

From bellanaija 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Michelle Williams in Giuseppe Zanotti?

I'm not sure who caught your eye at the MTV VMAs this year but I'll tell you who and what caught mine. Michelle Williams of the former Destiny's Child and her high heels. Michelle went from pop to gospel,  belting a very popular Nigerian song called "When Jesus says yes" with representation from DC sisters Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

Michelle's animal print dress does a lot for her, showing a definite growth in fashion and style since leaving the Beyonce and DC cloud. The elaborate alligator on her heels screamed designer Giuseppe Zanotti to me, though I may be wrong. If I am, prove it. A good number of celebrities shop GZ as shown in the photos below.

GZ shoes' details work for me and I plan to add them to my collection sometime soon. Enjoy.


GZ Spring 2013 Collection from shoerazzi

From stylewatchers
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