Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nothing Sexy about the "Naked Dress"

Elle Magazine shared a post through tinyurl a few hours ago on "The Evolution of the 'Naked Dress'." If you are confused about the "naked dress," think Rihanna at the CFDA Fashion awards. I believe she started the whole bizarre dressing thing after Lady Gaga launched fashion craziness. :) While I am a strong advocate of women's confidence and the beauty of a woman's body, I am in no way a supporter of giving confused teenage boys a reason to drool.

Yes, it's displayed on the runway to "show the true beauty of a dress" but a dress should look beautiful the way it is WORN... not just for art. Yes, it's perfect for a tease in your husband's house. However, on the road, it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination except for maybe a sudden urge to puke.

Too much is NEVER cute. I've never seen where "too much" made any sense. If you have, let me know. All your skin out is NOT tasteful, ladies. Not in the '60s and definitely not now!

Here a few pictures from Elle's "naked" post.

Marilyn Monroe in 1962
Kate Moss and Naomi in 1993
Toni Braxton in 2001
Kelly Brook in 2004
Iggy Azalea in 2012

We all make fashion mistakes but I will de-friend any of my friends or family who lets me step out in any of this mess! By the way, in case you didn't notice, I made sure to leave out Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and The Lady Gaga in this post. Later gators!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Fabsugar's Celebrity-Inspired Bridesmaids Dresses

In a recent issue of Redbook magazine, the absolute cutie, Brad Goreski, dresses a young lady up in a nice maxi dress and instructs readers to wear to a wedding. That is, as wedding guests. The picture is below.

Brad Goreski, French Connection Dress, Redbook picture 
Now, while I think the dress is adorable, I had shared with my friend that I would more likely wear it to a beach chill-out event with girlfriends than a wedding. It speaks casual to me... too casual. Through my profile, you'll learn that I love simple! However, simple has levels that do not mix. You do casual simple (day at the mall or hang-outs) or you can do occasion-simple (party, wedding, etc.). A wedding is totally an "occasion-simple" outfit event.

Fabsugar writers picked much better could-be-worn-to-a-wedding dresses in the article "Bridesmaid Dress Ideas from Celebrities." I'd wear the dresses to a wedding in a heartbeat. Maybe in different colors but absolutely most of the styles. Yes yes... the suggestions are for bridesmaids but I'd tone down in somewhat lighter colors (attract little enough attention, hehe) and sit just fine in the audience.

My picks from Fabsugar's post are below.

Does Kerry ever go wrong?

While I am not sure if this silhouette would flatter most people, I enjoy the uniqueness of the dress. A wide-hipped, small/moderate-boobied lady should look good in the dress.

Stunning Charlize!! I'd prefer the dress in a light pink.. The dress might stir up competitive/hateful feelings and thoughts from the bride and bridesmaids. So, wear at own risk. :)

I love the simplicity of this dress but I would pair with a slim gold belt.

Competition-muchooooo. Don't care. I'd still wear it to a wedding... Fine! I might be nice and wear a lighter blue but just as fitted.

This says I'm a beautiful innocent princess... Works for me.

Alright, alright. Done for now. Look out for me later. Xoxo.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Just for You by Bloomingdales

I'm not a fan of subscribing to lots of sites but it seems almost impossible these days to shop/window-shop outfits without subscribing to sites: ideeli, Rue la la. You name it. I've been forced to relegate a number of daily emails to Junk Mail 'cos it gets overwhelming at times. 

The one subscription that is yet to bother me is the one to Bloomingdales. In fact, their emails are usually pleasing and to my taste. I recently received one of their "Just for You" emails that tickled me nicely. The first dress had me purring: huge temptation for the week. Other highlighted accessories and outfits are below. 
I can't remember the designer of the dress anymore but all I know is that I love it. 

A slightly similar print dress by Mara Hoffman for $208 is below. 

This size 12 Nicole Bakti gown is now on sale for $310. 

This Kate Spade pendant is $58. 

Check out Bloomingdales for more inspiration...

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