Thursday, 9 February 2017

NYC amfAR 2017 Best Dressed

I love how the UK Vogue magazine and the Standard UK newspaper show Zoe Kravitz's Versace dress as one of the first three amfAR event pictures on their website galleries. Zoe's dress absolutely blew me away, especially with that blonde hair. I could not help thinking of Khaleesi of Games of Thrones: the queen-to-be. It is a white dress, a snow-white dress. You know how I love that. It has a high slit, though on the side. You know how I love slits. She matched the jewels in the neckline of the dress with a sparkly pair of high-heeled sandals. [Exhaling] Need I say more? Zoe killed it. She absolutely killed it. I'm not about nipples seen through dresses but right now, I'm not even thinking about that. I just want to know when and where I can get a dress like that, sans boobies. All Hail Zoe's amfAR 2017 style.

Okay. Only a few other dresses caught my fancy. To be honest, most of the others seemed typical, much like designs we would have seen 5 or 10 years ago. I show you below, the dresses I fancy. You should not be surprised to see the black lace Elie Saab dress on Barbara on my list. I am all about black (like white) and about lace.

Do you disagree with my collection of the best? Pictures are from the Vogue UK website.

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