Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Right Brassiere!

Did you know that a perfectly lovely dress can be ruined by the wrong bra? It happens all the time. Brassieres, like dresses and pants, come in all shapes and sizes. You have to learn to choose the right one based on occasion, (possibly) mood, and over-clothing fabric. Ladies, help me out. Am I missing any here?

Victoria Secret Miracle Lace Bra

Lace bras, we know, are sexy when a lady's clothes are off (matching panties included of course). Some lace bras have boosting fibers underneath to help ladies with less-than-adequate "packages." Sometimes, the fibers are just there to provide some coverage. (Well, depends on whether anyone else will take a peek, yeah?) Yet, even lace bras can be the WRONG choice for your night-out. If you plan on wearing a lycra or even silk dress/top like Ms. Kelly has on below, please avoid lace bras! It will draw attention away from the beauty of your dress to what is underneath... and believe me, not in a good way!

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 Another faux pas I have observed has to do with the current lace/see-through fashion craze. Ladies (or gents looking out for your women), if you are wearing any kind of fabric that is see-through around the shoulders especially, please take my advice. Wear a strapless bra. It does not even have to be VS: we won't see it. It hurts to see a nice red or yellow lace top displaying a white bra underneath. I don't care if the bra is washed/clean. Imagine the gorgeous dress below with white bra straps dancing underneath: distasteful!
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You also need strapless bras for such clothing as seen on Michelle of below.
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 Invest in some good bras, people. If you are in Nigeria and need some good referrals for bras, send me your email...
Calvin Klein Bra, Perfectly Fit Wireless Contour F2781Maidenform Bra, Custom Lift Satin Demi 9729
L-R Calvin Klein $38; Maidenform bra $36; VS Bombshell bra $52-$62;

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Red, White and BLACK!

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The gift of style does not just end in mixing up your clothing to appeal to the eyes. It is very much observed in your sense of interior decoration. Each one's style is different: some are minimalists and choose to make the most of simple clothing and vintage accessories; some like sexy, sultry pieces of clothing; while others play up casual clothing, among others. The same taste is seen in interior decorating.

Today, I reflect on doing a lot with something that sounds "simple"... Doing interior decorating with only 3 major colors and making it very tasteful. The pictures here are rooms in the home of designer mogul, BCBG Max Azria. In the first picture, the room is stark white (walls, ceiling, carpet) and then a backdrop of black in the fireplace. Black cage-like chandeliers are used in the center of the room, with a touch of red (in the board) right underneath the chandelier. Notice the vintage rusty bronze mirror on one wall complemented by the throw pills on the couch.
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In the pictures above and below, the same color theme is kept but the feel of the rooms are different. Notice the black and red rug above, the cage chairs right before the center table and the same soft touch of red as in the previous picture. The chandelier is different, and a white cabinet houses different kinds of glasses. The throw pillow in the picture below is dominated by white but has red and black polka dots. The vintage mirrors give the walls a special feel.

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Get creative with your abode today. Depending on your budget, it may be easier to collect special pieces (of furniture) over time rather than trying to budget and fix your place up in one day. A friend recently gave me that piece of advice.

Let your apartment or house reflect your personal style. Ciao!

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