Tuesday, 19 July 2011


This afternoon, I had lunch with a good friend at one of the restaurants at the mall. She wanted to go shopping afterwards; I hadn't planned on shopping. So, I used the opportunity to go threading since I wanted to do that a few days ago. Truth is, threading scares the HECK out of me.

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Let me go back a bit. I am one of those girls who didn't believe that shaving legs was an essential thing for women (as per when I moved to the States from Naija). After all, I hear the French and some Asian men are big on "hair." LOL. Okay, I confess. I didn't know that then. But seriously. I thought it was unfair that women HAD to shave their legs and men didn't. I fought that war for a while but later succumbed to the inevitability of life. :( So, if it took me that long, say a year, to start shaving my legs, you can imagine how long it took me to do anything about my already well-lined and thick but not too thick eyebrows. I'm not talking about other 'hygienic' areas of shaving, by the way. I'm straight on that. Just talking about the open, very obvious areas--a.k.a. eyebrows, legs, arms for some.

Okay. So fast-forward back to now. I've always hated razors. My skin is overly sensitive to them. I'd rather wax a million times than shave. And that's just it. When I decided to enhance the definition of my eyes by shaping my brows, I took to waxing. Some find it painful but since I already wax some other areas, I was perfectly fine with it. The first few times were painful but it was quick pain...almost cool. AND THEN, there was such a buzz about threading.

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First time I did it, I believe I'd had brunch with the girls at J. Christophers; and one of them was going to Lenox Mall for threading with the Indians. And the rest of us were like, "Sure we'll do it." I think 2 of the girls had threaded previously and one other was not interested in joining us. LOL. She said she'd watch though. So, I'm there threading, wincing and trying my very best not to cry. 'Cos these ladies pull out strand after strand of your hair follicles. I have very coarse hair embedded in very sensitive pores. So, trust me. It's quite a feat. Anyways, I notice my friend gets done with hers after about 2 minutes and my Indian threader is still going on, on mine. So I'm getting upset. Afterwards, we pay and I'm like, "how come mine was longer and more painful?" LOL. And my friend is like, "I thread regularly. You obviously don't. I'm used to it."

Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to threading. It's preferable 'cos it is more precise and less prone to errors than waxing. I've threaded the last 10 times I think (instead of my lovely waxing sessions). It looks good but it is still terribly painful.

Do you prefer waxing to threading, like me? The other way around? Or are you more used to tweezers or razors?
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