Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Out of the Heart, the Face Speaks

Any human being that says he or she does not like beauty, lies. Spotless skin is attractive; a gorgeous, shapely form (usually of a woman), even more so. If you say I lie, then you must have been jilted by an attractive person you previously liked. Having gotten that fact out of the way, in addition to the fact that this blog intends to present physical beauty in many forms and broken down into several facets, I want to spend some time talking about inner beauty. I believe that no matter how beautiful a woman or handsome a man may seem, his or her insides determine how attractive that person will appear in totality. Hence, the topic. Today, I will stick to "positive insides." Give me some time to break down "negative insides" on some other post. Picking negatives can be mean but fun. ::mischievous grin::

I am most taken aback by consistently happy people. I am not saying I am a sad, depressed hag. It's just that you won't find me smiling and grinning more than 20% of the time on a normal day. I tend to have what some call a stone face. I am of course a lot better than I used to be a few years back, but I still have more to learn. I admit I get reminded to smile. I've gotten the "you look so much better when you smile" comment a number of times. But it hasn't worked enough to plant smiles on my face on a consistent basis. Again, I'm LEARNING jor.

That being said, I will mention two celebrities I admire (I am using this 'cos I am sure you know who they are) for their "smile complex"... Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. Their jovial personalities shine through no matter what roles they play in the movies. Confirmed during TV interviews.

Kate never stops sharing in Harper's Bazaar, Elle, In Style and blah blah magazines that her parents raised her to be happy and free spirited. I love to read articles about her. Maybe I expect her radiance to somehow infect me through the magazine pages. She's implied in a number of interviews that she can't stay upset for too long. And this reflects in her pictures. Her smiles are true and genuine; coming from deep inside, all the way out to her eyes.I'll say one thing. You can't fake that. Well, maybe you can, but I know I can't. Days I am very happy, it translates well in my photos. When I'm not, sorry Tyra, but it just doesn't get to my eyes.

I see freedom when I look at her photos. Her peace of mind gives her loads of confidence, I think. Well, her beauty does too, I'm sure but peace and joy, so much more. After all, you can be "beautiful" and yet insecure. So I say, peace of mind does lend some confidence in personal style. People like her are lucky in that their fashion mistakes would likely go unnoticed since fans would be too entranced by her beauty, personality and confidence to notice. I envy her that free spirit...that inner 'style'. I am on my way to that everyday true smile. And my photos will tell. All day, everyday.

I can't speak about joyful celebrities without mentioning my dear Cameron Diaz, who laughs so genuinely and often. Some argue about her beauty but she's beautiful to me, especially cos of her comportment. Her inner beauty transcends any negatives. Always in action and completely comfortable with herself. She is not afraid to be goofy or take goofy pictures. Some may say, "wait till you meet some of these celebrities." But I could bet quite a few thousands on her genuineness. I'm convinced I would not change my mind if I happened to be sitting beside her at some dinner table someday. The simple complexity of her style is also quite cool but I'll address that on another day.

In conclusion, true beauty comes from the inside. However you choose to find peace is your choice but I recommend it greatly. I once tried Tai Chi in China but spent too much time trying to perfect my form, I forgot the exercise was to encourage inner peace. I'm yet to dabble into yoga, but I'd say good family, good friends and relationships, as well as peace found in Christianity would quadruple peace you'd find anywhere else. Pursue inner peace today, or maybe concurrently with outer beauty, which by the way, has a way of sipping into the insides too. We'll delve into that more deeply in the coming posts. You just wait and see.

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