Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stunning Ladies at the Maybelline Lagos Launch

I can't believe Maybelline is officially in Nigeria. Kudos to them, I guess. Another cosmetic company. There's lots of competition for cosmetics already. MAC joined the Naija force a year or more ago. Agbani Darego, Rita Dominic and Ifeoma Williams rocked solid colors and pieces to the launch. They look gorgeous.

Dresses, legs... oh so feminine. I love it!!
These pictures are from Linda Ikeji's blog, by the way.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Defeat the Devil in Style With Tasha Cobb's Message of Breaking Chains

You might be going through a very rough time right now. Each time you step out of your house or apartment, you have your makeup just right, your shoes high and pointy, your jewelry nice and sparkly. But you know in your heart that he hit you again; that you lost the job with which you fed your children; you are going through a divorce; you found out he cheated again; you haven't had a job for ages; you have reduced yourself to prostitution to make money.

When you go back in, you don't have to pretend anymore. Break every chain! Listen to this song. Sing along and put on repeat till you believe in your heart of hearts that your chains are broken. That you are set free and that the devil no longer has control over you. You can do it. I see that smile, that genuine smile that has not come out in years.

#TeamNaomi Hot Shot

I love this shot of Naomi for her #TEAMNAOMI campaign. I love me some Naomi Campbell. I have been so out of touch with fashion and celebrity "gossip" that I had no idea Naomi had a show: The Face. My sister and I happened to be talking about Tyra and America's Next Top Model, and how we had both lost taste for it. I brought up Naomi and said her show would be kinda cool 'cos we know she's reala. Well, I was way behind. The show's been on for a while. Anyways, today, I go to Naomi's FB page to do a bit of spying. :) I came across this shot (and dress) that I think looks great. It looks like a stand-out dress. I would have to try it on to know if it would suit my stature, but on her (and in that photo), it sure does look HOT!

Photo: I'm here! If you have a question for me, leave it in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer it.
From her FB page
Photo: 2013 Oxygen Media, LLC.
From her FB page

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lenny Kravitz and Interior Decorating

Did you see this post from Harper's Bazaar? Click here. It's Lenny Kravitz living room at his Paris home. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Wouldn't Waste a Dime on Luxurious "Sexy" Uncomfortable Shoes

I love looking good. I love men and women who look good: who take their time to dress up. They come out looking clean, organized, and draw enough attention. (Too much attention is just too much.) During an affinity group meeting at work, I was made to stand up and speak for 1 minute about "what I spend the most money on" (on the fly). I'm not much of a spender, but within a few seconds, I said "Shoes, I guess." That's when the shoes are on sale. That particular day, I was wearing a high-heeled pair of floral shoes I had purchased from the Nine West website a few months before. Everyone in the room nodded, saying shoes woulda been their guess as well. Oh well!

Anyways, I like designer clothing and outfit. Over time, I have learned to invest in quality and not cheap. This is not to say that quality equals high price tag. Not at all. Those who shop right know that you can get designer items and brand names for a fraction of the price when you, say purchase past-season items etc. So, quality does not have to mean spending a lot of money.

Jimmy Choo shoes from Mr Musing's blog

I'll be frank with you, I purchase mid-designer shoes and not high-designer shoes (except for a few here and there). What do I mean? I wear Nine West, BCBG Max Azria, Bebe: the affordable, popular brand names. I don't do the Jimmy Choos or Louboutins. Not that I can't afford them, but when I ask my Choo or CL-wearing gal friends how their designer shoes treat them, they all say the same thing. "Girl, it's not about the comfort. It's how it looks."
Loubs from FashionandHappy site

You have GOT to be kidding me. Really? I should end up with crow's feet over a few hours of excruciating pain PLUS loads of money leaving my bank account? Whoever said that's the smart idea. I'm not trying to down anyone. After all, I am talking about some of my friends (and myself occasionally). BUT I will never call any pair of shoes quality except it looks good (makes the rest of my outfit "WOW"), feels good and will last a long time. I have found that Nine West shoes meet my needs for work, casual outings and from time to time, outing shoes. BCBGs' are not always the most comfortable. Enzo Angiolini shoes IF you can find them for a decent price are pretty good as well. Same with DVF shoes if you get lucky.

Enzo shoes from

Enzo from

But, I'd sign up for comfortable + sexy WAY before I fall in line for very expensive + sexy, in that order. Go, breathing shoes!!! That being said, I am usually more comfortable in my high heels than in flats. Guess I need to find me some good flats like Tod's or something...
Nine West shoes from Marie Claire

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Loving Elizabeth Arden's Untold Fragrance

I ran out of fragrances yet again. The last time I wrote about needing fragrance, I shared that I spent several minutes in the store trying to figure out what I wanted. After a while, tired of sniffing too many scents, I concluded on Calvin Klein's Euphoria. My friend and co-shopper mentioned that her sister used it. 

Few months after, I wasn't in the mood for Euphoria. It sufficed while it lasted but I needed something new. A guy friend recommended Burberry Body and Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. Macy's was close enough to my place. The store didn't have either. The Burberry scents I tried on were just not me. 

I told the fragrance sales lady I needed something fruity. She asked if I had tried Elizabeth Arden's "Untold." Of course I heard Arden and thought "older." She convinced me to try the scent. I did and am glad I did. 

It is fruity and light. The use of a younger (Russian) model Olga on the campaign is enough to convince us young ladies to give the scent a try. 

I like the Untold bottle, the casing and everything. Here are photos from the Arden site. You pay $79 for a 3.3 oz bottle. By the way, I coupled my purchase with Marc Jacobs' Lola. Not regretting that either. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Creativity + Your Tailor Gets You Noticed

I was going through BellaNaija's posts as usual and came across this chiq's outfit. Love it!: her ankara creativity. A perfect color for her complexion. Add her unique sunglasses, nice belt and dinstinctly colored pants. You know she's got her own style!!

aso ebi asoebi bellanaija nigerian wedding guest ankara high bun
@mjcreations from BellaNaija

Style in Music: Brymo's "Down"

Some say music brings out the soul of the universe. I believe this. In my best moments, I long for music. In my worst and most down moments, I yearn to listen to music. It moves me. It excites me. It motivates me. It calms me.

How many times have you looked at one's playlist and thought "he is not what I thought he was" or "she isn't who I assumed she is"? Variety or monotony in one's music playlist exposes one's personality, one's heart, one's mood(s).

A woman of style... true style... often show eclecticism in music among other things.I'm a fan of different kinds of music. African music moves me the most. I especially love to listen when the music has depth: depth of a nation, depth of a people, depth of a culture, depth of hardship or simply depth of music...

Today, Brymo's music moves me and I share it below. It is titled "Down."

Monday, 14 October 2013

Fall Fashion: Ponchos for Kids

I was seated, having breakfast with an old friend in VA when I saw a tiny little girl walking around the restaurant, playing with chairs and tables. She's no more than a year and a half. Who was dancing around, flowing behind her but her grandma? You've got to love grand parents. Anyways, I loved what the little girl had on: black pants, a white shirt and a very colorful poncho. Much like the poncho in the first picture below. It looked adorable on her.

My mum has at least two black ponchos. A girlfriend of mine has a white one. I own none. But this must have been my first time seeing it on an infant.
From TLC How Stuff Works


See this one from PeriPonchos.
Prints and Patterns

Get one for your kids today. They are adorable.

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