Monday, 14 October 2013

Fall Fashion: Ponchos for Kids

I was seated, having breakfast with an old friend in VA when I saw a tiny little girl walking around the restaurant, playing with chairs and tables. She's no more than a year and a half. Who was dancing around, flowing behind her but her grandma? You've got to love grand parents. Anyways, I loved what the little girl had on: black pants, a white shirt and a very colorful poncho. Much like the poncho in the first picture below. It looked adorable on her.

My mum has at least two black ponchos. A girlfriend of mine has a white one. I own none. But this must have been my first time seeing it on an infant.
From TLC How Stuff Works


See this one from PeriPonchos.
Prints and Patterns

Get one for your kids today. They are adorable.

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