Sunday, 20 October 2013

Loving Elizabeth Arden's Untold Fragrance

I ran out of fragrances yet again. The last time I wrote about needing fragrance, I shared that I spent several minutes in the store trying to figure out what I wanted. After a while, tired of sniffing too many scents, I concluded on Calvin Klein's Euphoria. My friend and co-shopper mentioned that her sister used it. 

Few months after, I wasn't in the mood for Euphoria. It sufficed while it lasted but I needed something new. A guy friend recommended Burberry Body and Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. Macy's was close enough to my place. The store didn't have either. The Burberry scents I tried on were just not me. 

I told the fragrance sales lady I needed something fruity. She asked if I had tried Elizabeth Arden's "Untold." Of course I heard Arden and thought "older." She convinced me to try the scent. I did and am glad I did. 

It is fruity and light. The use of a younger (Russian) model Olga on the campaign is enough to convince us young ladies to give the scent a try. 

I like the Untold bottle, the casing and everything. Here are photos from the Arden site. You pay $79 for a 3.3 oz bottle. By the way, I coupled my purchase with Marc Jacobs' Lola. Not regretting that either. 

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