Thursday, 17 October 2013

Style in Music: Brymo's "Down"

Some say music brings out the soul of the universe. I believe this. In my best moments, I long for music. In my worst and most down moments, I yearn to listen to music. It moves me. It excites me. It motivates me. It calms me.

How many times have you looked at one's playlist and thought "he is not what I thought he was" or "she isn't who I assumed she is"? Variety or monotony in one's music playlist exposes one's personality, one's heart, one's mood(s).

A woman of style... true style... often show eclecticism in music among other things.I'm a fan of different kinds of music. African music moves me the most. I especially love to listen when the music has depth: depth of a nation, depth of a people, depth of a culture, depth of hardship or simply depth of music...

Today, Brymo's music moves me and I share it below. It is titled "Down."

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