Friday, 6 April 2012

A Quick Fix to an Early Morning Dash-Out

Where have I been? Out and about... I lie!!! More like in and shut-up. I've had so much work to do of late... Haven't had a second or any brain cells to write something fun. Tonight however is different. ::snap snap::
I just turned on some fun party songs for this write-up... Hello "Party" by Ms. Beyonce... or I dare say Mrs. Beyonce Carter? ROTFL. :D So, feel free to youtube it while reading this blog ;)

The past few days, I've had to get up and out pretty early, and I'm not the early-morning-kinda-girl. Not my smiley-time if you get what I mean. Hey. Don't leave me out here by myself. Most of us are that way. I'll tell you my quick fix to looking fab in a short amount of time. This gives you more than enough time for your natural day glow to get out and show on your face. Plus, some sneak time before you makeup if you absolutely have no time for that before heading out.

The quick fix is called "fab-sunglasses-n-your-best-colored-lipgloss." It works all the time. I've been a bit addicted to my Tory Burch sunglasses of late. It frames my face perfectly... I think so anyway. If you are unsure what shape sunglasses will look good on your face, just google it. There are many sites with info on this. For instance, try this InStyle tips link.
Tory Burch sunglasses

By pairing the right pair of sunglasses, which cover up your somewhat puffy eyes, with the right pair of lipstick/lip gloss, anyone who sees you through your car window will think, "Oh!! She's too fab!" No one will know what's hiding underneath the lipgloss and sunglasses. Shh!! Don't tell 'em. By the time you get to work or wherever, your daytime glow should have appeared and you can toss the sunglasses for when you are outdoors again.

Where lipglosses are concerned, I recently purchased two Rimmel London tubes...different colors n all. I love 'em both. I also found that Mary Kay lipglosses last extra long. I had to mention Rimmel London (and Covergirl lipsticks actually) 'cos I did MAC for the longest time. I abbbbssooollllllllluutely forgot I could get makeup at a drug store. Neways, I'm happy with my drugstore-buys. Don't feel shy flaunting them.
Rimmel London Lipstick/Lipgloss (from original site)

Mary Kay lipgloss...long-lasting
Lemme know how my trick worked for you, and what YOU do to fix your sad early-riser look. Till next time, xoxo.

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