Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Ever since the First Lady Michelle Obama came out with her bangs, I've seen a lot of reviews on what hairstyles are best for what shapes of faces. Personally, I thought the bangs made her look youthful but it appears a bunch of people didn't like it. Neways, I have a few celebrity bangs from Real Beauty that are nice. I also included suggestions, again from Real Beauty, on what hair styles suit different face shapes.

Kerry Washington's

Emma Stone's
OVAL: Anything will look good on your face

PEAR-SHAPED: The key to drawing attention away from stronger jawlines and narrower foreheads is to add volume around the temples.

ROUND: "Slimming rounder faces is as easy as adding height and reducing width. When styling your strands, remember to tease hair at the crown and opt for a longer, straighter style.

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