Sunday, 23 March 2014

Exhale! The Gaga March 2014 Harper's Bazaar Cover

My March 2014 Harper's Bazaar magazine has been at the forefront of my living room book collection strictly because of the beauty of the cover. We've seen Lady Gaga on the cover of several magazines this year and last. The Gaga impression I usually get is: GAGA a.k.a. CRAZY. When I see her usual poses, makeup and quotes, I'm like "That's Lady Gaga alright." I usually don't stop to consider them  'cos I'm used to them now. However, when I received my March issue, I saw a whole lot of beauty! Beauty! The choice of her pink lipstick, the dark gold eyeshadow, her nicely mascara-ed lashes (no fakes I don't think) and a curled short hairdo. Now, that made me stop! It's maybe my best Gaga photo yet. Very different from what I think of when I see a "Lady Gaga" post. Controversial, edgy, etc. but here, there's a calmness, a thoughtfulness and a beauty that just makes me... Exhale!

Photo credit: Terry Richardson, Harper's Bazaar Online

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