Sunday, 18 November 2012

MAC, Iman, Bobbi Brown???

My complexion, I find, is very difficult to match. I have friends who get matched within 5 minutes. The majority of shades the artists use on me are either too dark or too light and ashy. I recently visited Atlanta and went to a mall to check out...::drum roll::... none other than the MAC store. I excitedly sat down.

In just a few minutes, the makeup artist felt she had found the perfect match for me. She did her thing and I looked at the mirror. Oh No!! It was too dark. She went on and on about how perfect the match was. I didn't want her to feel her "time" (not mine) was wasted. So, I purchased the powder and returned it the next day.

I have been advised that Iman has a good number of shades, and I have several friends who use Bobbi Brown. I would have liked to try Iman but I just don't have the guts to buy makeup without trying it on first. So, I skipped that option and went to Nordstrom for a Bobbi Brown match. I found a good one but it didn't seem to give good enough coverage. While "deciding," I spotted Clinique and walked over for a trial. Et voila!!! I found the perfect match! I even bought a concealer to go with it.

What is the summary of this post? MAC is not for everyone. Try more brands. less expensive brands like Cover Girl etc might also work, if you don't mind using the back of your palm to check the match. There's something out there for everyone!


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