Saturday, 17 November 2012

Try a Pencil Skirt Next Week

A hit on pencil skirts from Harper's Bazaar...

I wore a pencil skirt to work earlier this week and I was reminded of the reasons I love pencil skirts. Other than the slim look they give, the skirts force you to walk more like a lady. What I mean is that there is only so much space between one side of the skirt and the other. So, you stand "at ease" with a remarkably small space between your legs.

Here is a Jil Sander pencil skirt for over $2000 from Harper's Bazaar's website.

Anyway, on the day of my pencil skirt, I of course topped my work outfit with some heels. I noticed that in making me walk a tad bit slower, my posture was also improved. I either had to walk "straighter" or mess up the rather perfect appearance of the entire look.

A pencil skirt + heels = A sexier you in slow motion. Your hips have no choice but to sway from side-to-side in a ladylike fashion. In all, the look was perfect. I urge you to wear one to work next week. Top off with a winter panty hose since it is after all, cold outside.

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