Monday, 29 April 2013

The New Style for Scarves

The cover of the March 2013 edition of Harper's Bazaar had Drew Barrymore with a different kind of scarf-tie on her neck. I didn't pay much attention until I noticed the trend in other photos like below. (Also from Bazaar).

I like it. It's different. Very different. Question is: does it require a SPECIAL kind of scarf? It appears to be a thicker material than normal silk or satin. Maybe you could get a similar feel with raw silk or Nigerian aso-oke material. Also, maybe the ends need to be wider than the "bridge" of the scarf (length-wise). Or maybe it comes that way. :) I don't know. Wish I could see a YouTube video on how to get this effect!

Please share your knowledge on this style if you can! xoxo
Photo: Click to see how to get this playful 50s inspired look!
From Harper's Bazaar

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