Thursday, 3 April 2014

It's Prom Time!!

It's prom season in the United States of America (U.S.A.) but also in other parts of the world. I'm in the process of looking for something gorgeous for a family friend in Nigeria. Young girls amaze me with their sense of prom style. My 17-year old family friend has me looking for dresses that look so much like wedding dresses: pale colored and flowy ball gowns. It's hilarious.

I do love to see young ladies happy and feeling "save-ready" in their dresses: Rapunzel in the castle waiting to let down her hair, Snow White waiting to kiss her Prince Charming, etc. The princess feeling, at least, par Disney tales.

A prom dress is not a good enough one if its color does not complement the skin tone of its wearer. It should be ever so slightly flirty: enough to draw attention but not dirty attention. It should also give room for a touch of jewelry to add that extra sparkle to the eye of the male beholder. Here are prom dresses I like.

Starting off, Bloomingdale's cover photo for their Class Acts Prom Look book has me drooling: tres chic. I'm not much for the pale dress but the patterned number (shorter in the front than the back) is gorgeous. Oh! And turns out it's a Monique Lhuillier dress.
Order at

I know I said a prom dress should have a color to accentuate its wearer's assets but can you ever go wrong in black? This black number is lovely.
Nicole Bakti, Order at

I'm a sucker for slits. See Laundry's dress. The dress barely makes my cut though.
Laundry, Order at

Black is great. Black and white is even better.
ABS gown, Order at

I love the detail in the corset of this BCBG dress.
BCBGMaxAzria, Order at

Boutique Gown's gladiator dress is kinda different, so it made the cut.
Boutique Gown, Order at

Make sure your daughter, niece, etc. looks amazing on prom night!

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