Friday, 30 May 2014

Seduce: La Perla

The first time I put up a post on La Perla, I had assumed it was simply a Victoria's Secret competitor. That is, most girls (American and otherwise) think V.S. when they want sexy lingerie. Would you permit me to say La Perla is a luxury V.S.? Higher priced, as creative or even more creative than V. S...

La Perla advertises itself as European intimate apparel for men and women. Not sure how long they've been out but it's obvious they are now marketing to the US crowd. They've been showing up on American fashion & high fashion magazines. 

I call La Perla apparel "strictly seductive": some pieces leaving ideas to your imagination, others telling you a full story. Here are some pieces from the site. 

Soutache lingerie slip for $788... 85% silk

95% silk nightgown $428
Iconic slip for $505

Below are from campaigns. 
From A Couture Life blog

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