Wednesday, 9 July 2014

MyHabit Your Habit

A few months ago, I received an email from inviting me to check out their MyHabit site. The email was attractive: nice clothes and jewelry. I checked out the site and even downloaded the app. Till today, I haven't purchased a thing from the site. Maybe it's because I'm not yet sure how it works. Is it an online discount store, a consignment store or a regular store selling items for the same price as the retailer? One of these days, I'll find out.

I have not unsubscribed from it yet (double negative... I could say I am still subscribed, but anyway...). So, as can be expected, I received another eye-catching email today tempting me to the site. I fell and am not unhappy I did [double negative again :-) ]. I spotted a sweet Cynthia Rowley dress I would wear in a heartbeat. You guessed right: it's a print dress.

Check out other items that tickled my fancy.

From $410 down to $205, my lovely dress is now SOLD OUT!!

Y'all know I love me my DVF but I'm not too huge a fan of this dress (from $365 to $183). It might be a bit too printy for me, as a friend so wickedly pointed out... I now own a few too many leopard print items.
Though I like how this looks, I'm seeing too many of them around to even consider purchasing it. DANNIJO necklace from $995 to $498 on MyHabit.
Now ladies, it may be beneficial to point out that I would not expect you with wear any necklace with the first print dress. If you must with the second, keep it a simple black or nude. The Dannijo necklace should only be worn with a simple (solid-colored) blouse... definitely not anything printy.

Till next time, xoxo!

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