Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Most Stylish of the Most Stylish of 2014

Harper's Bazaar, which you probably know as my favorite magazine,  recently published "The Most Stylish of 2014." Now, I have a regular professional job. I'd hate to deceive you into thinking that I spend my time each day poring over fashion and gossip magazines looking for styles but I don't. I don't have enough time for all that unfortunately. However,  I feel obligated to share what I find attractive as I come across styles I LOVE in the magazines, websites, etc.

The article includes the likes of Amber Heard, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and all the expected big names. Of all the picks, here are my faves. Most are ready to wear. 

I'm a sucker for Cameron Diaz and knowing that white is not always easy to pull off, I had to share this nicely done combination.  In all honesty (though), I love the purse more than the outfit.

Cara D. is stunning just about all the time. She looks delish in this photo. I love her poise in the photo. I wouldn't wear what she's wearing: I'm a bit cautious wearing outfits that expose front skin. Back exposure (literally the back) is more comfortable for me. LOL.

I believe in simple and great. So, Emma in this dress and those heels works for me.

I don't find the color of this dress flattering BUT it's stunning on Jen: the neckline is amazing. I like that she did not wear any jewelry. Just letting her face, lips, legs and body do the work!

Classy classy. See a trend here? White, black and white-black combos do the trick. ;) 

I'd kiss you if you got me this Kate Bosworth dress. :*

Sooooooooooooo... I got to number 60 and decided to take a breather. These are my best photos up to Most Stylish 60.

Have a lovely week!!

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