Monday, 13 October 2014

Bovi "Man on Fire" Red Carpet

When I hear "man of fire", I think of the late artist Michael Jackson... and Kevin Hart since watching one of his bigger stand-up DVDs: "Let Me Explain" (?), where he keeps setting fire on stage to imitate a Jay Z and Kanye concert. :-/ Having said that, it makes perfect sense then, that a recent but big-time comedian in Nigeria: Bovi, would choose that title and that strong element: fire. If I may say so (and I may), most of the outfits on the red carpet were dazzling. I will post those that caught my attention the most from Bella Naija but you can find the rest here. Feel free to imitate the instant stars on your night-out this weekend.

The following image was the first on the site, and rightfully so. This is excellent use of ankara for a top and bottom. Something tells me Michael Kors may copy this design. ;) Anyway, her mid-riff is not overly exposed. Plus she's supporting a Naija look/designer at a Naija event.
Adunni Ade
I like Yvonne's outfit below. I think it's a little too collected and serious for a comedy show but she still looks lovely. Check out dem leeeegs!!
Yvonne "Vixen" Ekwere
The look below is simple but goes well with the light air of a comedy show.

I find this dress interesting but would prefer it less revealing at the bosom especially.

While all three young ladies look good and appropriately dressed for Bovi's show, I love the dress/outfit of the girl in the middle. You know I'm a sucker for simple (white) dresses and the right accessories. Ummm. Check out the shoes.

Let me know how you like the outfits...

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