Tuesday, 21 October 2014

RIP to Fashion & Design Icon Oscar de la Renta

There is no student of fashion and style who does not know designer Oscar de la Renta. What most probably didn't know is that he was a native of the Dominican Republic. However for those who paid attention to his designs, you may have sensed the tropical (some would say African) touch in his clothing. The story of how he started: learning a year's worth of sewing and draping in a couple of weeks, is inspiring. He had raw talent and was very hardworking. That was pretty obvious. Fate surely shone on him as well. With his amazing history of dressing women in power, what more could he ask for? I have no idea what his personal and spiritual beliefs were, but I hope all was well-sorted in his spirit before he left this earth. May his soul rest in peace. We hope his successor Copping continues to give us awesome feminine cuts and outfits. Long live Oscar de la Renta designs. Some of his best are here. Images from Oscar's site, Getty Images (through NY Times), Wedding Inspirasi and other Google images.

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