Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ebola-Free and Style-Intense

Most of the world was astonished when Nigeria was declared ebola-free within a few weeks of Case-0, the Liberian man who allegedly escaped quarantine in Liberia and entered Nigeria end of July. I had prayed intensely and fasted like a lot of people probably did. The country handled the situation impeccably. Their trace procedures were impressive and the method with which they broke the news to the few victims is laudable. I had never been more proud of the country. As many non-Americans have expressed, Nigeria handled ebola probably better than the US (Dallas specifically), where a patient provided data that pointed to ebola but was ignored and sent home. The patient unfortunately died while those he had seen for healthcare survived. But I digress  into politics and ignorance.

Life goes on as normal in Nigeria with the dreaded infectious disease behind us, prayerfully. As I reviewed pictures from the GTBank sponsored fashion event in the first week of November in Nigeria, I was  brought back to the memory of how Nigeria handled ebola...both the style on scene at the event and the eradication  (though very different), filled me with a similar kind of pride.

Nigeria was declared the largest economy in Africa some months ago. While a lot of its revenue is from oil and gas, lots of expenses for working class women are in the fashion industry. Nigerians like to look good and most of them know exactly how to do so. A few photos from the event are below. All courtesy of leading Nigerian lifestyle website BellaNaija.

Very lovely simple dress and nice shoes
Fun street style...reminds me of entertainer Patra 
Boys and their sleeveless shirts (and shorts though not here)
Very simple dress street style 
Those sandals!!! And the gorgeous dress/ skirt-set
Awesome look minus the hair
The new long look for men?
Simple dress
I love this white look though my mum is not taken with it
Another long look
A confident woman...need I say more?
A bold  guy
The uniqueness, boldness and creativity of this look excite me
Lace lace lace...gorg!!!
Another simple but nice street style

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