Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sisters at the 2014 British Fashion Awards

I wasn't at the British Fashion Awards but I, like most of us, partook of the event through pictures online. I got my fill on BellaNaija's Events page, with Rihanna starting out the "album." I must say she looks healthy and happy in most of her recent pictures. Regardless, I did not enjoy her ensemble: the loose tux. Though rer jewelry, hair, makeup and heels warmed my heart... her smile too of course.

Rihanna/Cara D.

 Her second outfit, sans the sheerness, was hotness. This is probably the after-party or pre-party.

Liya Kebede, whom I love from afar (I don't know her personally), and Naomi Harris wore outfits too Boho for my taste. OK to another event, not an award ceremony. See outfits here.

Kendall Jenner looked classy in a black and white jumpsuit.

Olivia Palermo's outfit rocked. A good mix of satin or silk and some sort of lace? Can't go wrong with those slits either.

Anne Kendrick's outfit is simple but gorgeous. It's an outfit almost any girl can wear and rock. The color of the dress is also mild and soothing.

In my opinion, Ashley Madekwe wore the tux better and fanicer than Ri-Ri. But then, when you are Rihanna, you can do almost anything you want in public. I'll end this post here. Holla!

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