Monday, 26 January 2015

RIP Mr. Camuto!

It was only a few years ago that I got my first Camuto blouse (even before I had his shoes or jewelry) and yet he was first known for foot wear. I loved the blouse when I saw it in the store because it was "free" (I still love it). A black sheer asymmetrical loose fit blouse. I've worn it three times since: once tucked in a tight short skirt on a night out with friends and twice with two different pairs of skinny white pants. I've always been complimented each time I wore it.

Around the time I bought my first Camuto object, I saw him on HSN, the shopping network. He was talking about his designs and I assumed he was a newcomer to the fashion industry... Well, he just did establish Camuto Group in 2001 (Wiki knowledge) but seemed to acquire lots of brand footwear licenses in a short amount of time. His business grew quickly: quite the hardworker it appears.

And then, on Jan 21 2015, I opened up my Facebook page to see "Vince Camuto dead at 78." Shocking, I must say. We bid you adieu, Vince. You've left a legacy. It will live on.


A Vince Camuto Cape-Back Printed Blouse & Faux Suede Shorts... sold at
Vince Camuto Sequined Dress, sold at
Lovely as whoa Vince Camuto bracelet, sold at

Vince Camuto necklace (for that night out), sold at

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