Monday, 4 May 2015

MAJU 2015: Ready-to-Wear Collection

This is funny. I usually am unimpressed by ready-to-wear collections from up-and-coming Nigerian/African designers highlighted on BellaNaija, especially from African Fashion Week etc. And I'm not putting down "Made in Africa." Not at all. I am a HUGE advocate of African-made and African-designed outfits. Jewel by Lisa and Bridget Awosika designs are absolutely gorgey. It's just that sometimes, in a bid to be bold or unique, new designers go sooooo overboard with designs, that the outfits should be worn on tres-haute couture runways. You get that? A totally new division of haute-couture would have to be created to display some of the ridiculous and bizarre outfits I've seen. Haha. OK. Enough with the meanness...Or constructive criticism? :)

So, today, when I looked through MAJU's ready-to-wear collection, I was glad. I could totally see myself in the clothes. There was nothing superfluous about the outfits. I thought classic, classy, somewhat creative... The appropriate models were chosen for the shoot: a contrast between dark-skinned and light-skinned Africans, and how different they could look in the outfits.

Black surely looks different on light skin than it does on dark skin. Good play. A couple of pictures are below. Find others through this BellaNaija link.

Tania and Banke <BellaNaija>

Tania and Banke 2 <BellaNaija>

Tania and Banke 3 <BellaNaija>

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