Monday, 4 May 2015

Oooh!! MET GALA Yo!!

Ok. I wasn't there and I sound all excited about it. Here's some history on the MET Gala you may not have known. It used to be called the Costume Institute Gala. Told you you didn't know. :) Hey if it's wrong info, blame Wiki, okay? It is an annual fundraiser to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. Creative to have turned this fundraiser into a total celebrity runway event.

I love checking out MET outfits and see who's most bold and still stylish. Here are a few outfits from Time website and my comments.

I like the creativity of Solange's Giles dress. I think she's totally gorgeous. I do hate though that it hides some of her figure. :( An A for uniqueness and B- for fitting.

Rihanna's outfit by a Chinese designer reminded me of Oscar de la Renta. Don't you agree? Different color but I'm most fascinated by her hairpiece. B+ for creativity and B- for fitting. I love that her legs were showing. ;) Thoughts?

Was that a neckpiece on Jennifer Lawrence with that dress? A definite No-No. C for uniqueness but B for fitting.

Katie Perry looked fierce... on fa-ya (fire). Haha. C+ for uniqueness and B for fitting. A D+ for "classiness" though. :-/

Helen Mirren's outfit is awesome. I love the red. (I love red.) She looks so vibrant. Love it love it. An A and an A!

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