Friday, 22 March 2013

Look younger with these tricks

You probably know about the importance of moisturizers and sunscreens. But do you know what vitamins will help you retain that youthful glow? Here are "6 Skin Habits that Take Off Five Years" from Redbook Magazine.

1. Use a retinol: It reverses sun damage, lightens brown spots, improves skin texture and makes skin smoother, according to the Redbook article. I find that Retin-A itself is more effective depending on how damaged your skin is, though. Better to apply at night as it makes skin more sensitive to sunlight. This means apply more sunscreen in the morning.

2. Get your Vitamin B: You can get B3 from meat, eggs, green vegetables and beans. It is anti-inflammatory.
From <Redbook> 
3. Try a sonic cleansing system.
4. Use a white sunscreen.
5. Don't use your hands on your face.
6. Use a moisturizer. I endorse Clinique's moisturizers. :) Most of us know that anti-oxidants in moisturizers (and in foods) are good for the skin. Redbook speaks of cytokines, a naturally-occurring plant growth factor that stimulates collagen production. The ingredient apparently can be found in Kinerase Lotion for All Skin Types.

Remember these things as you take care of your skin this weekend.

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