Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ah! Susan Peters Gat Style

Passing my evening, I stopped by the BellaNaija blog as I often do. I browsed through the gallery of pictures on Kate Henshaw's book signing event. Kate is a popular Nigerian actress, who also has a great body and pretty good style. She's one of those ladies who has mastered her body and what looks good on it. 

Anyway, as I scroll down, I was struck by the always stunning Susan Peters. Her hairstyle and/or cateye sunglasses reminded me of Ms. Marilyn Monroe somehow. This is not the first time she's made me pause. At Tuface's wedding in Dubai, she was also quite a stunner.  

If you are looking to get inspired by personal style, check hers out. All the photos below are courtesy of BellaNaija. 

At the Henshaw event

At Tuface's wedding

I think she won an award on this night

Like I said, stunner...

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