Thursday, 5 September 2013

Breakfast in Style Swissotel Osaka

Style is incomplete if fragmented. That is, your outside clothes look good but your underwear/lingerie is old and rusty. Or you pay absolutely no attention to your abode. Even worse, the food you eat. If you are a style figure, pursue completeness. 

Today, I talk food. Breakfast at the Swissotel Osaka took me to the 36th floor with a view of the entire city. Not just any view but a delightful one. Granted, this morning, I sat beside a guy who was slurping soup and making a whole lotta nice. But the view was more than enough to distract me from his unintended  rudeness. 

A waffle, bread and eggs with tea, and I was fine for the morning. 

Eat in style. You'll love it. 

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