Monday, 16 September 2013

The Rise of Man Purses

A little while ago, if you had asked me about man purses, I might have said I wasn't sure about them. But as I was walking down the streets of Taipei, Osaka, Tokyo, Beijing, I observed a large number of men carrying their purses.

I paused for a second. In fashion today, I see designers create masculine (suitcase-like ) bags for women. We wear boyfriend shorts and tuxedos. So, what's so wrong with the men wearing "feminine-like" purses? Answer for me is: as long as the masculinity of the man is obvious, he can carry his purse just anyway he likes. 

I met a tall Japanese guy with a nicely chiseled face in his pink Polo shirt and man purse. A dark green high-quality bag with dark brown leather trimmings. He carried his purse by the hand. He couldn't have looked more masculine!

Even my darling Robert Downey Jnr rocks his man purse. 

From Violetmeetsfashion blog

From higher citizen 

I prefer Kanye's man bag. Though I must say it works more as carry-on luggage. That's more likely what he rocked it for. 

Usher in his brown one from Madamenoire blog

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