Friday, 6 September 2013

Setting a Tray Nicely

There are a number of things I'm learning at this stage in my life, including decorating a space and setting a table for guests, a spouse, family etc. Not that my mum didn't do this (she did) but we hardly had house guests growing up. Also, I didn't pay much attention to such things at the time. I can set a table alright but I want to know how to give it an extra umph.  

Something you observe in good hotels in general, especially in the Asian market, is that they pay attention to tiny details. A tray of food in a hotel room, for instance won't just come with your food. It comes with extra: flowers for decoration etc. 

That is something useful to learn and emulate. Note to self...

Sorry the picture was taken after eating rather than before. Lol!! 

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