Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mysterious Low Back Dresses

I wore a low back custom-made gold blouse to a friend's wedding. It was paired with an orange skirt and a wrapper on top. It was oh-so-cute. The low back is something mysterious and sexy. A bit of skin peeking out of somewhere unusual but decent is just slightly flirty. Not overly so. 

In LancĂ´me's ad for the "La vie est belle" perfume with Julia Roberts, the star is seen giving us her sweet All-American smile with only part of her face showing. But what's obvious is the bare back and gorgeous dress she dons. Sweet!

In Harper's Bazaar's The Extras Jewel commercial in the December 2013/January 2014 issue, the Bazaar model dons a contrasting (to Julia's dress) black low back dress in her photo. Doesn't the pose and the sly look just say "Mystery" to you?

Don't shy away from a low back dress especially if you have nice skin. It will help you play a little. ;)

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