Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All for Duro Olowu Say "I!!!"

I just bought my first set of Duro Olowu wears from JCP and I'm excited. I hadn't been in a JCP store in AGES! Like since college or something, but I went with a teenage friend from church yesterday and do not regret it...

So, long pause here. I had started writing this blog on Sunday when I purchased the clothes. I didn't regret my purchases until end-of-day Monday when one of the tops ripped. Having said that, the clothes are lovely and if I was interested more in looks than quality, I would hold on to them. But since at this stage in my life, I need both, I can't. While I plan on returning the gorgeous clothes, I admit I'm keeping one top because it is just too gorgeous to let go. I must add that the top that ripped is of chiffon material... if it were cotton, it may have lasted longer. Possibly, if the collection was not for JCP (and if designed to be more expensive), I bet the quality would be much higher.

See some of Duro's clothing and decide on whether you will purchase one from JCP.  I think you should-- just be careful to purchase clothing with tough-enough fabric.

From rollingout
From sohautestyle

From fashionista
Duro Olowu himself, from JCP

From bellanaija

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