Monday, 24 June 2013

Shakira Shakira!

What I find about a number of foreign-raised female celebrities is that they tend to be very humble. They are exposed enough to know that everything is not about fame, media, making money or having paparazzi follow you all over the place. I detected a huge change in Ms. Angelina Jolie after she started doing work with the UN: traveling all over the world and seeing/meeting starving children etc. I see Shakira in the light of a blessed and humble woman. I see sweetness and humility in her, before sex appeal. I appreciate her for this.

Shakira covers the July issue of Elle magazine. My edition shows her in a big tousled hair style, but with a huge and lovely smile. Like a large number of people, I think she is absolutely gorgeous! Here are photos of Shakira I like. You can see yourself in her outfits here, right?

Be inspired! Rock one of them this week.

From hollywoodreporter

From acesshowbiz

From nbclatino

From nydailynews

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