Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chika Ike is Dazzling in her Low-Cut

About a month or two ago (maybe longer), there seemed to be an "outbreak" of Nigerian actresses being paid millions of dollars to shave their heads. Oge Okoye did it, Chika Ike, and a few others. Frankly, I have no interest in the women shaving their heads for movie roles. After all, there are always wigs and weaves. What I am interested in, is how the women look with their heads shaved. And by look, I don't just mean the head, I mean the face, clothing etc. I find it must be difficult to have a shaved head. We can't all be Amber Rose.

But Chika Ike stuns in her new low-cut look. I won't be surprised if she decides to wear her hair this way for a LONG time. Enjoy her photos from Bellanaija (BN) here.

Chika Ike (12)
Chika Ike with Ovation Mag CEO

Chika Ike (9)
Another stunning photo

Chika Ike Ovation Shoot
Getting her makeup on ;)

Chika Ike (1)
She poses great...

Chika Ike (5)
AND the makeup finale!

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