Monday, 24 June 2013

Paris Hilton is Back?

A few weeks ago, we heard Lil Wayne signed Paris Hilton to his label. If you are like me, you thought "Huh!" She's definitely making some kind of comeback since the days of show "The Simple Life." I don't actually think I ever watched that show... Anyway, it was refreshing seeing photos of her in the July Issue of Elle Magazine looking mature, covered up and ready for business. I know the daughter of huge inheritance is always "ready for business." But you know what I mean. Dressed in a way that makes you want to take her very seriously. She is one blessed girl...

Here are photos of Paris I like. I only just noticed that she loves print dresses...

From usmagazine (People's Choice Awards 2013)

From acesshowbiz

From podiumlive

From slate

From latimes

From celebsalons sheknows

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