Monday, 8 July 2013

Cheers to Vicky B. for Her Bravery in Rocking the V in the LV Dress!

When I posted the photo of LV's black dress in my April post (click here), some shunned the dress as too simple and looking like lingerie etc. I saw it as a simple sexy black dress. I know you can't wear it everywhere but it caught my eye. Now, Vicky has been known to rock outfits. She's a style icon. If Vicky rocks something, think twice about downing it.

Today, I'm looking through another blog and what do I see? Vicky B. in the very dress that didn't seem to draw anyone's attention. I totally get her style and I'm sure she'd get mine. ;)

Cheers to Victoria Beckham for her bravery.


 From saisi-u April 20:

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