Thursday, 18 July 2013

Good Investment or Bad Investment?

Typically, when you are young, you stick with fashion pieces you can afford. College day stories are full of shortcuts: the dresses you wore for one or two occasions 'cos it looked hot... though the quality was so bad it ripped right after etc. The older you get, you take quality more into account. I think your dressing should be indicative of your age and "status" in life. While a school girl, dress like a school girl. When a lady/adult, dress like one.

One of the most disappointing things to me is a lady going to a night event, dressing like a teenager heading to a club. There IS a difference between sexy and skimpy. A sexy look is never too calculated. I digress.

Not only in clothing, but in shoes, when you can afford quality, purchase quality. But how far is too far? How much are you willing to spend on a pair of gorgeous heels? Which of these designer shoes would you purchase?

Here are sexy sexy sexy shoes I found on Elle's "34 Statement-Making Summer Heels."

Zanotti sandals



Sergio Rossi

Gianvito Rossi

Jimmy Choo

Sergio Rossi

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