Saturday, 20 July 2013

Shame About Booty Shorts!

There's this trend: shorts that show the bottom of girls' butts. It's summer; it's exciting to finally show some skin after all those months of conservative winter, but to think that showing too much of your skin is fashion is a mess!

It gives me great grief to see (young) girls and grown women shamelessly flaunting such shorts. I believe they all think it's an honest copy of what everyone is already doing. Fashion and style should not have to supersede morals. Some outfits are in the magazines just for "the looking." Not every runway style has to make it to the streets.

We can all imagine the results of these displays of private, personal skin. The fabric with which these outfits are made might be temptingly beautiful, but unless there's enough of it to cover your behind even when you bend to pick something up, please say "NO" to it. #that'sall

From Venuslovesvirgo blog

From dailygloss

From denimblog

These celebrities are wearing shorts more respectfully and respectably.
From cluelessfashionista
From a bitofsass

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