Monday, 20 May 2013

An Inspiring Designer I'd Love to Meet: Diane Von Furstenberg

If there ever was a designer I'd love to meet, it would be Diane Von Furstenberg, also known as DVF. Sometimes, I skip stories of designers, artists etc. in Elle Magazine, just 'cause I don't care enough to read about them. But one lady that always gets my attention is Diane (I'll say "DVF" for the rest of the post). Just looking at her, I can tell she is bold, brave and happy in her own skin. She EXUDES confidence. She is one woman I think every girl/woman should meet. She makes life look so simple and loves to inspire women.

DVF; from dareoutloud

Her wrap dress design helped launch her fashion career. She's built an empire off it, with a motto "celebrating freedom, empowering women and selling confidence." There's nothing like following someone you know practises what she preaches!
Some of my favorite DVF designs are below.
From sofeminine

From matchesfashion
From boutique1

From polyvore

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