Monday, 6 May 2013

King of Prints: Roberto Cavalli

If you've read a number of my blogs, you know I like silk, red, black, white and... high heels! I also love prints. The prints I wear are mostly African prints, which are the most interesting and elaborate prints you'll find anywhere. Take it from me!

But when it comes to "long-standing" international fashion and you mention the word "print," Roberto Cavalli comes to mind. De la Renta is another good designer with prints. I like his stuff, but Cavalli prints, whoa!

I have a certain pair of pants that make it out only once or twice a year. The "bad" thing about unique clothes is that they are easy to point out, you see. What I mean is: you were a unique outfit today; the next time you wear it, everyone knows it's the same outfit. So, you can't wear it too often. It takes away from its preciousness... if that's a word.

If you doubt me about Cavalli prints, check these out.

Photo credit: A wholesale site
Photo credit: Mariam Rizwan's blog

Photo credit: Best Clothing Gallery Site

Photo credit: Kit Me Out

Photo credit: Style Hive

'Nuff said! Comments please...

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